Behavioral Issues

Resolving behavioral problems is our speciality

How Our Program Works

Most people who visit our site need additional assistance and resources to work more effectively with their dog(s). While the information provided below is not a comprehensive list of behavior issues, the information provided should give you tools to understand the reasons for the behavior and some techniques to try on your own and when you should call in a professional.

Training and Behavior Modification



Leash Manners



Help Me With This Crazy Dog!


Separation Anxiety


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Through consistent training with your dog over an extended period of time, good habits last, as they become a natural way of being and living.

Our training becomes a part of a dog’s lifestyle, which leads to our high success rates and the longevity of the training lasting for your dog’s entire life. A dog that understands essential commands and has good etiquette makes time with your dog so much more enjoyable!