A cute behavior can quickly get out of hand

From cute to annoying

A dog jumps up — you give him a hug and rub his ears. It’s snuggly and cute, right? Then one day your dog hurls his body at you, knocking you off balance, spilling the groceries in hand, etc. This once ‘cute’ behavior has become an annoyance.

Do you have a dog that jumps up on you or visitors? Jumping, even in jest, can result in you, children or guests being bruised, hurt or knocked over.  In essence, it’s rude behavior (imagine if you greeted guests and friends this way!). Listed below are a few insider West LA dog trainer tips to help stop the jumping:

  • Refrain from punishing the dog for jumping. Correcting the jumping tends to give the dog his attention for jumping and thus encourages the bad behavior.
  • Keep your dog on leash when introducing him to people in your home. Reward him for staying seated or calm.
  • Ignore your dog or walk away until all four of your dog’s feet hit the ground (we call this call this all four on the floor). Then praise your dog for not jumping! If you can get everyone that interacts with your dogs to do this consistently, your dog will usually stop jumping in a couple of weeks.

If jumping or other behavior issues are ongoing problems we are happy to help!  Contact an expert El Segundo dog trainer at Canine Path.