Every dog and pup is special so there is no one-size fits all training plan. Instead, at Canine Path we tailor our training plans to each pet’s unique needs based on its circumstances as well as the owner’s goals. Custom Canine Path puppy training plans will address any problems you have with your fur baby and teach it new commands and good behaviors while building the foundation of a beautiful bond between the owner and their puppy.

Private Puppy Training Programs Achieve Effective Learning with Customized Plans


Custom Canine Path puppy training plans will address any problems you have with your fur baby and teach it new commands and behaviors. CALL NOW (310) 480-6773

During the early stages of a canine’s life, what they are exposed to during those crucial weeks will have a profound effect on their lives and their emotional and cognitive development. This is why private puppy training programs expose them to positive life experiences and behavioral lessons to promote good habits, teach them commands and tricks, while correcting unwanted behaviors.

At Canine Path, we work with each puppy and their owner directly in order to correct bad habits such as chewing, nipping and jumping while housebreaking them. The private puppy training program will focus on promoting the correct things a puppy should know or do at this stage of its life. At the same time, owners will see the valuable training techniques they can use throughout their pet’s lifetime.

All in all, Canine Path’s private puppy training program establishes a regular routine for puppies and their owners. This promotes effective learning and consistency as repetition and positive rewards sets patterns so that puppies will learn what is expected of them and the rewards they receive for good behaviors.

With a successfully trained puppy, owners will have confidence in their own ability to manage their puppy at home and in the public. The good behaviors the puppies learn will become their natural way of being and living.

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