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What has been up with all of those loud bangs at night lately? They’re really bothering me and I’m sure you’ve noticed. I might whine, run and hide, bark a bunch, or even act erratically. I’ve heard rumors of some dogs that go into frenzies because of all the loud sounds and tear up the house and hurt themselves in the process. I know some dogs aren’t scare of the bangs, but a lot of us are and we don’t know what’s going on. We just know we hate it and don’t want to be around it.

If I’m being honest with you, a lot of my reactions are based on fear and anxiety. I have more sensitive hearing and smelling than you do, so those loud booms are extra loud to me and I don’t like the acrid smell of burning if they’re close to us. It doesn’t sound like the fireworks are going to stop until the 4th of July, and that’s the worst night of them all.

I think there are some things we can try and do to keep me calm and help me get used to all of this so I don’t hurt our home, your stuff, or myself.

For starters, we can keep all of the windows closed and maybe I can sleep in a room that has a bit more padding and sound dampening to lessen the effect of the great big booms. Keeping me in my crate with some extra blankets in and on it may make me feel safe and secure from anything scary out in the world. But I know some dogs don’t like sitting in their crates all night and start to get restless.

We can try to get me used to the loud sounds of thunder and fireworks over time. You can find recordings of the sounds and play them before we play, before I eat, and before bedtime. Over the course of the days, just play the sounds a bit louder and eventually I should get acclimated to the sound and not get so scared and nervous when they go off. Or, we could try masking the sound of the fireworks with fans, the tv, or music so I don’t notice it as much.

Another thing I’ve heard other dogs like is to wear their thunder shirts. It’s just a tighter and thicker shirt that helps us feel a bit safer. I wouldn’t mind that.

If none of this works for us, maybe we could just go on a drive somewhere and hide out for a bit. I know it isn’t ideal, but I can’t help it if I get scared around these loud noises. The only other real option to deal with the holiday and the loud noises is to try sedation, but I really would rather prefer that we didn’t do that. If you feel there is no other way, and I trust you, let’s at least go to the vet so he can help us figure out the right amount and then we’ll get through this together.

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