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If I’ve learned one thing from standing on the couch and staring out the window, it’s that there are a lot of cars in this world. I see them driving all over the place all the time, heck, even my owners get into their cars and come and go. I miss them when they leave; I really wish they didn’t do that. I want them to take me with them so I never have to be away from them and I can see even more of the world!

I used to go on car rides with them here and there, but I was very afraid of the car at first. I didn’t understand what was going on and my owners would get frustrated, pick me up, and place me in the backseat before getting into the driver’s seat and going on our way. Once we got moving, things got a little strange for me. I couldn’t quite find my balance and I just wanted it to be smooth – I kept flying all over the place! My owners got tired of me whimpering whenever it came time for a car ride, so they called an LA dog trainer to give them some tips, which now I can share with you!

If you have a puppy and need to head out, or if you just want your furry friend to be a companion on jaunts from short car rides to long-haul road trips, I’ve got some expert puppy car training tips you’ll want to try out.

Get them used to the car

Let your dog get in and out of the car, or help them in if you need to. Reward them with treats for being good and just sitting and getting acclimated to the car. Once they’ve normalized being in the car, start to take short trips around the block so they get used to the car moving. If they seem stressed, or sick, stop and give it some time.

Make sure they’re comfortable

Are you letting them sit in the front seat with you? Are they going to have free rein in the back? Have you considered putting their carrier in the car so they have their own special seat? The last option is usually the safest, in case of any acciedents. If you opt to use your pup’s crate, be sure to put blankets inside so that they are comfortable and relaxed; nothing is worse than cold, hard plastic or metal cages holding them in. Also, put some blankets on top of the cage to make it almost like a little cozy cavern for them; you can always toss a blanket on the top in front to make it like a little nap center for them while they ride.

Play nice

Don’t reprimand your dog if they start acting out due to stress, or get sick in the car. All that will do is ingrain in your dog’s head that the car moving is stressful and his/her owner will get mad that they can’t keep up. Always praise your pup, we love that!

Puppy training in LA isn’t always easy, especially with the traffic we have to deal with and the distracted drivers all across the roads and highways. If you need help with dog training, especially if you want to know how to train your dog ride in the car, call Suzanne Mackay — she’s great and helped me! She’ll be happy to tell you about how to train your puppy and how she can help you and your pet.

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