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Just like kids, and heck, even some adults, I’m a big fan of toys. I have a whole chest full of them that I still my head in and find my favorites to chew and gnaw for hours at a time. My owners even love playing with me! Sometimes they’ll throw my toys so I can go run and grab them (we can do that for hours!), or they’ll tug and pull at a toy and we’ll make a game out of it! They yell “tug, tug!” at me and boy do I tug.

Some of my toys I overlook, though, and it’s not that I’m not grateful that I got them, but they just aren’t right for me. I’ve heard from other dogs that they don’t like some of the toys their owners got for them either. So, to make sure that you get the toys that your pup will love and are good for them, I’ve made a quick list of toys that you should pick up.

Play is a very important part of puppy training in Los Angeles as it helps them get their energy out, develop stronger bonds with their owners, and can be used as a behavioral tool. Not to mention, it’s better to give your furry friend toys of their own so they don’t chew your socks, shoes, and other items that shouldn’t have dog saliva and teeth holes all over them.

If you have a dog who needs plenty of mental stimulation, get toys that dispense treats if they perform the proper actions, such as rolling it the right way, or pressing buttons. This not only wears your puppy out physically, but gives their brains a workout as well so they can go down for a nap. Besides, every pup loves treats! Similarly, you can get toys with other smaller toys inside; these are often softer and plush, so you might run into shredding and stuffing being strewn about.

If your dog loves to chew, getting plush toys may not be the best option as they’ll tear through them too quickly, there are plenty of durable, hard rubber toys that can stand up to even the toughest teeth and constant chewing. Certain versions, particularly by KONG, have unusual shapes that bounce around, keeping your dog on their toes because of the random directions the toy will fly when it hits the ground.

If you like playing tug of war with your dog, get a nice rope toy so that you can get a good grip and so can your dog. Make sure to not let them chew on it too frequently as the rope will eventually shred and your dog may eat it, making for digestive problems down the line.

I know I speak for all my canine pals when I say that we love toys and we love to play, either with other dogs, or with our owners. When we get bored, we get into trouble. Just remember: the more we play, the more tired we are and then we can’t chew anything, or break anything by running around. Grab a variety of toys next time you’re out and give them to your pup, I promise you they’ll be excited. For any other behavioral issues, you should call a Los Angeles puppy trainer to help you out and teach your dog proper manners to have a happy life!

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